What to Expect from Your Wedding Vendors on Your Wedding Day

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As your wedding planner it’s my job to make sure that each one of the wedding professionals you’ve asked to join your squad are doing what they’re supposed to be doing on your wedding day. Sometimes that means lots of moving parts and moving people!

You’re probably feeling a little stressed about where people are supposed to be, what their job is, and how they’ll get there. So instead of worrying about it, let us walk you through a standard wedding day so you’ll know how it works and what to expect from your wedding vendors on the wedding day.

Your morning will likely start with breakfast. Please eat. And drink coffee, or a blended green thing, or whatever makes your soul happy. You’ll thank yourself and others will thank you later!

You’ll then either head out the door for the salon or your team of artists will arrive.


Your beauty entourage will arrive and be the first set of people you’ll see that day. Depending on the number of attendants that you’ve contracted your team may be there a while or they’ll pop in and pop out quickly. If you’re not heading to the salon or their studio, they’re likely coming to you wherever you are the morning of your wedding.

It’s ok to give constructive feedback and be apart of your overall look on the wedding day. But know that once they pack up their kits and pins you won’t see them again. If you want more help be sure to discuss this and contract additional hours so you can have a touch up right before you leave for the ceremony.

While you’re prepping and the hairspray fumes are flying you’ll likely receive a visit or a call from your:

Wedding Planner:

It’s our job to be sure that everyone is arriving as planned and that your event is being set up to your specifications. This means that we may be in several locations in a short amount of time. We may stop in to say hello then head to the ceremony location, the reception location, and then back to be sure you step into your dress properly. We may be there to be sure you make it to the ceremony location and then skip off to the reception site for a final check. Your timeline will show you exactly the track our team members will be on. You’ll be with us for a good portion of your day all the way through the last guest.

Just as your beauty team is finishing up your next vendor should be arriving.


They’ll arrive with their equipment in hand. If you’re still busy getting gorgeous they’ll take detail photos of your ring, dress, and invitations. You’ll want to have these in an accessible place so it’ll be easy to pass them along to the photographer. By this time the other half of the wedding party will be getting ready too. Your photographer will have a plan for when and how they’ll shoot the entire wedding party.

Depending on the package you’ve selected your photographer will lead the charge in posing and family collecting for the rest of the evening. You’ll start dancing away long before your photographer is ready to go. Your timeliness with photos has a large effect on the timeliness of the entire wedding day so listen and treat them with respect. They are your friend and advocate and want to help you get the shots you want for your album!

In the meantime, all of the beautiful design and decor are coming together behind the scenes.


In most cases your floral designer will be working on more than one event that day. Based on your schedule they will stop into their locations, do their work, and drop off your personal flowers to the agreed upon location. Once everything is all set your flower fairy is off to the next location. If you have the pleasure of being in the same location you may see them before they leave but you may not.

Our team of planners checks to be sure that your order is correct and that all of your arrangements are as planned. We also help to greet and assist the florist with any needs on your behalf.

Other Decor:

If you’ve rented other items they’ll also be arriving during this early time frame. From vintage furniture to practical heat lamps, all of the additional items you’ve contracted for your design will be delivered. In some cases drop-offs can happen prior to the day of the wedding. This isn’t always the case.

That’s why our team is sure to check that all of your contracted items have arrived, are exactly what you ordered, and are working as expected. We check in with the providers to be sure everything is all set and even discuss the pick up of items. If there are any items missing or any issues we troubleshoot these on the spot.

Shortly before the ceremony time you’ll begin seeing the arrival of your food service team.


Cakes typically arrive and are placed on your display table. They are often added to after they are placed on the table. You’ll will likely never see your baker or the delivery person, but our team will, ensuring the correct cake is delivered and that it’s as expected.

If you’ve contracted other sweets or treats they’ll be arriving around this time as well. Our team will direct them to their proper location and ensure that all of the items are delivered as contracted.


Prior to the ceremony the team of set up crew, servers, and caterers will begin arriving. You’ll see them come in waves with the last wave of workers arriving shortly before the reception begins. The team will get to work setting flatware, setting tables, folding napkins, and setting food prep areas. Their tasks will be dependent on the scope of your evening and can sometimes be very simple. Consider the complexity of your event when determining what your food service help will be involved in on the wedding day.

As the reception space begins to come together, your entertainment will begin to arrive.


Depending on your selected vendor and their role (if they are involved in the ceremony) the entertainment will begin arriving for any set up they have. They’ll have a truckload of items they’ll be bringing into your event venues. They may even have a few last minute questions and will often head off to change prior to the event. Moving heavy items in dress clothes isn’t always fun!

Once all of these major vendor partners have arrived you are all set to party the night away! Of course, we’ll be with you every step of the way too, because it’s your wedding planner who holds your dress in the bathroom, carefully packs your grandma’s antique toasting glasses, and makes sure that your groomsmen keep their tuxes on until after the grand entrance. We’re there until we send you off into wedded bliss with a hug and a promise to see you soon!

Have questions? Reach out to us! We’re only one email away!

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