Starting From Scratch is Hard

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Starting a business is hard. Where to begin? How to do it? Should it even be done? When I finally decided to start my business, let me tell you, I was scared out of my mind! What if I'm not cut out to be a business owner? What if I'm not talented enough to be successful? But I knew one thing for sure. I had a passion. And if I didn't at least attempt to follow my passion. To listen to my gut. I knew I would always regret it.

It all started with that passion. A passion for business. A passion for design. A passion to do something greater with my life but not always know what that was. It also started with a lot of failures. But isn't that how most great things start?

In all honesty, it really started with having parents that showed me what hard work really means and how to never stop chasing your dreams. They are the ones that developed that big picture in my head. That great thing I wanted to create.

I grew up watching my parents run their own company and find joy in being their own boss and making people happy by providing a great service for someone. I also watched my parents work their fingers to the bone everyday to make their company succeed. Even when the odds where against them, they never slowed down and never stopped coming up with new ideas and passions to grow their company. And I knew. From the very beginning. In some way, I wanted to be just like them.

It took me awhile before all the right ingredients came together in my life for things to start making sense. Or really, it took me awhile to accept that I already had all the tools I needed to succeed. I just had to trust myself and jump in. And I have my parents to thank for giving me a little shove when I was afraid to get my toes wet.

But I did it. I jumped in (or was shoved a little). Now I can say I own my own company and I get to do what makes me happy, which is making other people happy on their wedding day. And I'm not going to sit here and say that since I jumped in, everything has be wonderful! I still get scared out of my mind on bad days, questioning whether I can continue to grow my company and succeed. Questioning whether or not I am cut out to be in the wedding industry or own my own company. But at the end of the day, I still go to bed knowing I am doing exactly what I should be. Because despite the struggles, I still get excited to wake up the next day and continue doing it. And I don't think everyone can say that about their job.

Starting from scratch is scary. But what is even scarier is living your whole life knowing you're not doing the thing that you were created to.

Download my list of the first 8 steps I took to starting my own business below!


The First 8 Steps to Starting Your Business

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Ever dreamed of starting your own business but had no idea where to begin? I know the feeling! So I created this list of the very first steps I took to start my own business and are letting you have access to it for free!

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