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Isabelle Russell

Hi I’m Isabelle! I’m just a light-hearted, laid back, go with the flow, yoga pants wearing night owl who happens to have a huge thing for wedding planning. Come learn more about me, who my girl crush is, and my favorite place in the whole world. Can you guess where?

For you it’s not about matching the flowers to the fabric swatch card. You probably don’t care about selecting the perfect napkin fold. And you certainly don’t want to be calling vendors from your makeup chair on the day of your wedding.

Not you! When you imagine your wedding celebration you see people smiling, enjoying the opportunity to celebrate together, and a place where everyone feels welcome.

The same is true for the wedding planning process. You know that reality is often much different than inspiration. You don’t want to tie tiny ribbons on boxes or obsess over flatware. You want to keep your love story at the center of all of your wedding decisions.

At Garden Rose Events and Design, we believe that too. That’s why we help you focus on what’s important. We make the planning process enjoyable, carefree, and laid back. We match you to your soul mate vendors, curate your personal style, and allow you the freedom to actually enjoy every moment of the planning process.

By the time your wedding celebration arrives you’ll know exactly where your time is best spent. With the people you love.


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what we do

Here is where we’re supposed to talk about exactly the things we do to help you plan and design your wedding. But we’re not going to do that.

Instead let’s talk about what we do that’s different. The things you can’t find on a list of services or in our packages.

Let’s talk about our completely fresh approach to the wedding planning process.

This unique approach to wedding planning trades the hustle for a lot more “handled”. No one needs a giant3 ring binder and a 30 page checklist to stress over for months. Through our slow release planning process, it’s decision to done before you remember that planning was supposed to be hard.


Not only that, Garden Rose Events and Design has mastered the art of bending traditions and retelling yourstory in a way that your guests have never experienced before. We’re the best fit for you if you want a freshspin on a classic tradition.

Besides a whole lot of light-hearted laughter, we pair awesome mobile tools, our slow release planning process, and a whole new perspective on what the word wedding celebration means to you and everyone you love.

You can’t put that in a package.

PSST... You can see our actual services HERE.


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