You’ve been staring at this checklist and making your own checklists for almost a year now. The idea that you might forget something on your wedding day seems totally crazy. Or totally likely. Depends on the kind of person you are!

Either way, let’s talk about a few things you might very well forget on your wedding day.

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This is a fan favorite and kind of one you really need to remember. Throw it into your ceremony box so that we can pass it along to your officiant on the day of the wedding. They need to sign and send the license and many of your officiants will not see you past the ceremony.


Because they are so precious you might keep them in a special place. That place is probably separate from the stuff you’ve packed up for the wedding. Which means they can easily be forgotten. We suggest you put someone you trust in charge of being sure the rings make it to the right person. A responsible person who will take great care of your precious items.


You just never know what will happen on the wedding day! You might slide your pantyhose on to find a tear. Your favorite lipstick tube might roll under the couch and be lost forever! If something is super important to you, be sure you pick up more than one… just in case!


The wedding day is busy. We get it. But passing out during your ceremony is never ideal. Be sure to take time to eat, drink and get some nourishment. Just trust us. Between Uber Eats and Panera Delivery let someone else do the work for you!

With these few things in mind, you’ll be well on your way to remembering everything you need on your wedding day! Or, just hang out with us! We’ll make sure you didn’t forget a single thing!!

Photo Credit: Ellie Richardson Photography

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