Wedding Details Your Guests Will and Won't Appreciate

Hello! My name is Greyson Lohrey and I am an associate designer for Garden Rose Events & Design. I just got married to my high school sweetheart on May 20th, 2017. I am writing to share with you lovely ladies some things that are important and not quite as important in the wedding planning process.

A few things you shouldn’t skimp on for your wedding day…

  • A Great DJ and MC: Whether your best friends are the liveliest people or not, a great DJ is a must have. They are truly the life of the party and their song selections affect whether people are going to dance or not. Also, the MC is in charge of announcing you as you have your first dance with your husband, he also helps get people dancing and involved in games such as the garter toss or bouquet toss.
  • A Great Caterer: When I hear about peoples’ complaints when it comes to weddings, it almost always is directly correlated with the food or the dancing. A quality caterer is a must because they are in charge of serving a hot meal in a timely fashion
  • A Videographer: Videographers are often overlooked in the wedding planning process, but they are so crucial! Put aside some money in your budget to be able to hire a videographer and I promise you will not regret it! I have laughed and cried many times at the beautiful video my videographer made and it allows me to relive that special day.

A few things that don’t matter as much as you thought…

  • The Invitations: I completely understand, you want your invitations to showcase how amazing and perfect your big day will be. The only problem is your guests will look at it and then have it sit on their refrigerator for months or worse, toss it in the trash. Don’t waste $500 on something that isn’t as important, put that money towards something that your guests will truly remember.
  • The Chairs: When I first got engaged, I thought that the chairs for the ceremony mattered a bunch because they would be seen in a lot of the pictures. When I started researching prices, I saw how one chivari chair cost almost $4.00 a chair, for a wedding of 150 people that would cost me $600! Please don’t waste money on something that people will not remember. A simple white chair will look just fine in photographs and won’t cost you a pretty penny!

The importance of a wedding is to host a beautiful gathering of friends and family to celebrate your marriage! Put your hard-earned money into something that will matter to your guests long-term and that you will remember.


Greyson Lohrey