Realities of Being a Creative Entrepreneur

Photo credit: Melissa Pauquette Photography

Photo credit: Melissa Pauquette Photography

Being a creative entrepreneur can be both rewarding and challenging. It gives you the freedom to express yourself through your business and be your own boss. However, it also requires you to be constantly evolving, improving, and coming up with new and better ideas because the creative industry is constantly changing and evolving with new technology and trends. And if you don't keep up, you'll be swept away. Below I have a list of 7 realities I've discovered from being a creative entrepreneur in the creative industry.

Reality #1: You have to be Professional Photographer

I am not a professional photographer. Not by any means. And it baffles me how some people can take astounding photos just on their phone! Again, I am not one of those people. But I have quickly discovered that if you want to be noticed in the creative industry, you better be posting professional grade photos 75% of the time. This at times has caused me some discouragement. But this fact has also challenged me and forced me to up my photography game! I've done this by trying to not only improve my own photo taking skills but by becoming friends with talented photographers. My friends not only give me tips and advice but also partner with me to create beautiful pictures of our work together. So if you're like me and want to cry every time someone you follow on Instagram posts an award winning photo, just know, you're not alone!

Reality #2: Comparing is Destruction

This reality goes along with the post above. It is so easy to see someone post on social media and drool over their amazing work and wonder how in the world they did it and why you can't be just like them. I do this all the time. And this can result in destruction in your life and business pretty quickly! I've often found some of the companies I have been the most jealous of are ones that have been in business a million years more than I have and have a whole team for every department of their company. How can I fairly compare my two woman business to theirs? It's an easy trap to fall into but it is not a productive one. It is great to have inspiration to motivate you. But as soon as your inspiration company turns into an ugly comparison game. You've lost. When I find myself falling into the comparison trap, I have to remind myself that I started my company to express who I am and what I can offer people. Not to try to be someone else. I can never be as successful as those other companies if I am trying to be anyone else but myself.

Reality #3: Collaboration vs. Competition is Key

I am a strong believer in collaboration vs. competition. Some of my best work has been done when I have partnered with other amazing vendors to put our heads and our talent together to create a masterpiece. It is hard, when you are running your own business to not view others in your field as competition. But I have found that not only is it more productive but it puts you in a happier mind set when you view your competitors as friends vs. enemies. I personally have a good relationship with another local wedding planner and we send each other clients that we can't personally take on for various reasons. Make friends and support others in your same industry and watch how all your opportunities grow and thrive because of it! Collaboration is always better than competition. 

Reality #4: Being Creative can be Exhausting

Sometimes I don't feel like being creative. Sometimes I have days where I want to do nothing but binge watch Netflix, eat popcorn and pizza and never put on pants. And I use to think that I was so lazy for wanting days like that. But I have found that days like that are necessary and should be highly encouraged. Sleep in till noon! Indulge on your favorite snacks! Don't even think about getting dressed! Let your brain and body recharge so you can come up with the new necessary ideas for your company! You can't grow your business or be as effective as your clients need you to be if you're burned out. Your business will thank you in the long run for taking a lazy day.

Reality #5: Some People Never Leave High School

This reality was a sad one to discover. But when I moved to a new state and had to start my business all over again in a new area, it didn't take me long to find out that some vendors were not interested in making new friends with some young girl from out of town. They already had their list of favorite vendors they worked with and were not interested in finding out any more about me. This was disheartening. So I sought out to find those few vendors who didn't believe in cliques and loved meeting new people and partnering with them to put together some new and exciting projects. And I made it my mission to always be open to meeting and partnering with new vendors. I find that young new talent usually has the freshest and most creative ideas and I always like to make them feel welcomed into this industry unlike I was with some vendors.

Reality #6: You Have to Trust Your Gut

One of the best parts about owning your own business, especially in the creative industry is putting your vision into action. And being encouraged to do so! But I have run across many people who simply can't see my vision for a project and think it's stupid or won't work. And in those times I learned to trust my gut and know that just because someone else can't see my vision doesn't mean it's stupid or won't work out. And I've always found that when I trust myself and my vision for a project, I blow those negative people away with how well it turns out. When you are a visionary and creative person who runs away with an idea, it isn't a bad thing to have people in your life to point out the realities of an idea sometimes. But if you've worked through the problems and have done your research and have faith that it will work, then you have to trust yourself.

Reality #7: Laughing is a MUST

They say laughter is the best medicine. And I am a firm believer of that. Laughter is what helps me get through my day. If I am not having fun while working every once in awhile, than it is not worth it. I love it when other wedding vendors or even my clients become my friends and we can really enjoy a project we are working on together. Don't forget to be goofy and have fun in your day-to-day activities.

I hope while reading this blog post you were able to find some part of it to relate to. If you connected to any of these realities and want to discuss them with me or just want to make a new friend in the wedding business, feel free to reach out! I am always open to meeting new friends over a cup of coffee.