For All the Daddy's Girls About to Get Married


While I love both of my parents very much and consider myself to be close to both of them, there is no denying that I fall into the category of being a daddy's girl. I am not sure if I became a daddy's girl because I look like the female version of my dad or because I inherited his same sense of humor but from day one, I've had my dad wrapped around my finger. And when it came time for me to get married I think being a daddy's girl made it that much harder. When you get married, you are now saying, while I love my dad, my husband is the man I will now turn to for everything. And that was a hard thing for me to accept when I was about to get married. So I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend with my dad leading up to my wedding preparing me for this next step. If you're a daddy's girl like me, and you're about to tie the knot, below is a list of 5 things you and your dad must do before you officially become a MRS.


1. Have a Movie Night

Pick a night, pop some popcorn, and watch Father of the Bride with your dad. If you haven't seen this movie already, it is a classic Steve Martin film. This movie is about a father who is reluctant to let his little girl go when he finds out she's getting married. You will laugh, cry, and heavily relate to this film, I promise. And it is an accurate description of what you and your dad will go through leading up to your wedding. If you're really brave you can watch Father of the Bride Part II (which is all about his baby having a baby)... But your dad might not be able to handle that one just yet ha ha.


2. Let Loose and Dance

This is one thing I regret not doing. My dad is a goofy man and we are goofy together. And he wanted so badly to do a silly dance to a bunch of fun songs for our father daughter dance at my wedding. But I refused. All I could think of was getting all hot and sweaty in my dress and messing up from not being a good dancer and just looking like a fool. But let me let you in on a secret. You will be hot and sweaty in your wedding dress all day long at your wedding. No matter the weather or what you're doing, you will sweat. And your wedding is most likely the last real time you will have to do something like this with your dad. So if it is a classic choreographed song or an all out crazy goofy dance he wants to do. Do it. Because no matter how well it turns out, you will look back on that moment with fondness for the rest of your life and remember the time you got to dance like no one was watching with your dad.

3. Run a Race Together

My dad and I have always bonded through sports. My dad has been my soccer coach most of my life and when he wasn't coaching he was still at every game. And to keep me in shape for soccer and to keep himself in shape in general, whether I wanted to or not my dad has dragged me to a million different races throughout the years. And even though I have been a soccer player my whole life. I hate running. But at the end of those races, I was always so glad he forced me to do it. We always had fun and usually had a good story to tell from the event.

I highly recommend it, but it doesn't have to be a race. If you and your dad have a fun activity that you've grown up doing together, even if sometimes he had to drag you to it. Now is the time to get a few more of those events in! Before you get married, have to get a real job (if you don't already have one) and don't have as much free time to be dragged to things like mud runs in the rain at 6am on a Saturday.

4. Go on a Road Trip

Some of my best conversations with my dad have been on long road trips. I come from a large family so alone time is usually scares. One of the things I always looked forward to the most before I was married was coming home from college and having my dad meet me half way and drive the rest of the way together. Being able to spend time just the two of us on the way home was a great treat. With just the two of you driving for hours and exploring new areas, you are free to be yourself and talk and have fun with your dad. Even if it is a short trip, go on one before you get married.


5. Take a Moment

Before the two of you walk down the aisle, take a moment. Pause and breathe. Take a picture in your mind. In that moment be thankful you get to walk down that aisle with your dad. Because not everyone does. And remember that this isn't an end, it's a new beginning. And give each others arm a little squeeze. And remember that your dad is just as nervous and emotional as you are, even if he is better at hiding it.

Due to my high emotions, a lot of my wedding ceremony is a blur to me when I look back at it. But I distinctly remember this moment with my dad. Right before we walked out and saw everyone. And I'm thankful we both paused a minute. Right before I sobbed all the way down the aisle ha ha.