Our Favorite Send Offs


Our Favorite Send Offs

A grand exit is a great way to bring your party to a close on a high note. And we have some cool couples who have gone out in style.

Group Photos

Group photos are such a memorable way to end the night on the dance floor with all of your loved ones. And have a cool picture with everyone from your wedding.



Sparklers may be the most popular option but there is no denying why. They just make the most beautiful sparkly pictures that make our hearts swoon.


Streamers are a fun alternative if your venue doesn’t allow flames. And they are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors.



Make sure you check with your venue before you throw glitter everywhere. But if they are on board, then DO IT! Because it is the coolest way to end your night possible! Who doesn’t love glitter??

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a fun element to bring out on the dance floor at the end of the night and then let your guests use to wave to send you off.

pic credit: Ellie Richardson Photography

pic credit: Ellie Richardson Photography

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