How to Maximize Your Bridal Show Experience

You’re engaged! You’re excited! And it’s time to get out there and meet potential vendors. You want to see their work, meet them in person, and have fun while doing it! So of course you’re packing up your wedding party, your mom, and your future spouse and heading out to the next bridal show! 

Take these 5 tips with you before you go!

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Comfort is Key

You can eat all the catering and cake samples you want but you it won’t be fun if you’re not comfortable. The floors are likely cement and you’ll be standing still chatting with your future dream team so wearing something comfortable is more important than being cute. The same goes for your outfit. You never know if it’s going to be cold or hot and the last thing you want is to be roasting or freezing during the bridal show. Wear layers because you never know how you’ll feel when you get inside the crowded space.

It’s OK to Sign Up But…

Your future wedding vendors are at the bridal show to meet you and get to know you. This means they likely want you to sign up to win something or join their newsletter. People do win things. Awesome things! But, know that when you sign up for something you’ll likely hear from those vendors. This is great for you because you’ll likely receive extra special news and information from the vendors you’re interested in. You’ll likely hear from them a few times following the bridal show. You may consider creating a special vendors folder in your inbox so that you can go through the emails at your convenience.

Create a Plan

Just like any kind of shopping, if you don’t know what you’re looking for you can’t stay focused! I mean all the sparkle and tulle isn’t good for your productivity! So, before you head out create a plan! Are you looking to connect with venues? Are you looking to set up appointments? Are you ready to taste and eliminate bakeries? Maybe you’d rather not have an appointment with the 30 photographers you like! Make a plan to seek out the specific vendors you’d like to see. Stop and chat with the people you need to talk to. Ask the questions you have! It’s ok to get the answers you need! Try not to get distracted with all of the pretty flowers, food, and dresses floating around and you’ll get so much more done!

Put it in Your Pocket

You’re about to have bags full of flyers, business cards, and cute little giveaways that you’ll just love! Well until you go home and try to sort them out and remember who they belong to. So if you meet a wedding professional that you love at the bridal show try to avoid putting their card down in the big bag. Instead hand if off to Mom, put it in your pocket, or drop it into your purse. This way you know the people you felt a connection with and can reach out to them right away.


Gather Info, Set Appointments, But Don’t Book

While it may seem attractive to get things knocked right off your list, the only time booking while at the bridal show is a good plan is when there’s an offer that you can’t refuse. Tux companies are notorious for these but most other vendors extend any bridal show sales well past that day. Instead of booking on site, consider setting up calls or appointments following the show so that you can ask more questions and learn more about them in a private setting. This way you can stop back in and tell us who you liked, what you learned, and let us help you facilitate the best relationship with your potential vendors. This will help you take the proper time to read the contract, negotiate anything, and not feel that same kind of rush that you’ll experience at bridal shows.

With these 5 tips in hand you’ll be well on your way to enjoying every minute of your bridal show experiences. Take all the pictures, eat all the cake, dance away, take silly selfies, smell the roses, and drink the champagne samples! You’ll have a wonderful time! We’ll see you when you get back!

If bridal shows aren’t your thing, that’s ok too! Let us help you curate that list of vendors from your yoga pants at home. Skip the bridal show and get matched with the exact vendors you need and you’ll love! Let’s get started. CLICK HERE. Or check out our unique wedding planning workshop Rosé with Garden Rose!

picture credit: Anna Bowser Photography

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