Meet Isabelle

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Dear Future Clients,

My name is Isabelle Russell. I am a certified wedding planner, lover of all things wedding and the owner of Garden Rose Events & Design. I have a strong passion for business and design and love making peoples vision come to life. I grew up in Michigan and will always be a Michigander at heart. But after marrying my high school sweetheart and moving to Roanoke, VA I have learned to open my heart to Virginia and the mountains they provide!

Growing up, I was the little girl that day dreamed about meeting Prince Charming and having a fairy tale wedding. So when I was in college and I had the opportunity to learn more about making other girls dreams come true, I jumped on it.

When I am not planning weddings, you can find me reading, hiking with my husband, painting, making lists, Netflix binging or traveling to see my family.

I cannot wait to meet you and learn about you as a couple and what your vision is for your big day. Contact me here!

Meet joleen

Dear Future Clients,

My name is Joleen Huyck. I am a certified wedding planner, mom to six girls (including Isabelle) and grandma to eight grandkids. I have been married for 25 years to my best friend. When I am not being a wife, mom, and grandma to my family I am running two businesses. I love being able to come up with new business ideas and set them in motion. I live in Swartz Creek, Michigan with my family and have the pleasure of running our base in Michigan.

When I have some free time, you can find me reading a new book, relaxing outside on our farm, visiting the farmers market, or taking last minute vacations with my family. 

I cannot wait to meet you and find out how I can help make your wedding a stress free and memorable day. Contact me here!

Meet our team

We have an amazing team of planners that are as passionate about weddings and events as we are and are ready to tackle any problem thrown their way! They never fail to impress us by working hard and thinking quick on their feet. When you book an event with us you will almost always have the pleasure of meeting one of these ladies above. And if you have an event that requires lots of hands to set up, we can bring multiple assistants to make sure the work gets done. Contact us now to let our team create the event of your dreams!