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Hello and Welcome to Garden Rose Events & Design! I’m Isabelle!

I’m just a light hearted, joke around, stay up late, sleep in, Netflix watching, regular girl! The perfect day for me includes Gilmore Girls, my amazing husband, and my favorite place - HOME!

I am the boss babe behind Garden Rose and our newest adventure Belle Garden Estate. I specialize in pinning on boutonnieres (in 5 seconds flat), finding those tiny bustle loops, herding bridal parties, creating checklists, and sometimes being an unofficial therapist.

On my days off, you can usually find me in sweat pants, curled up at home with my husband. And probably drinking an iced coffee from Dunkin with way more cream and sugar than coffee.

Like most people, it wasn’t until I really jumped into the work force and stumbled around a bit before I knew what my true passions were. Or at least gained the courage to pursue them.

Today, I couple my Interior Design background, the entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in me by my parents (and many years of business school), and my absolute love for seeing my clients enjoy their most anticipated day, to create the experiences at Garden Rose Events & Design.

At my core I care about giving to others, self care, and advocating for others to also pursue their personal passions. My clients see this very clearly when we work together. Through listening and cultivating their designs. Through thoughtfully matching them with the perfect vendor. Through the relationship that extends well past the wedding weekend.

I can’t wait to do the same for you!

xo Isabelle


meet our team

We have an amazing team of planners and assistants that are as passionate about weddings and events as you are and are ready to tackle any problem thrown their way! They never fail to impress by working hard and thinking quick on their feet. When you book an event with us you will always have the pleasure of meeting one of these ladies below. And if you have an event that requires lots of hands to set up, we can bring multiple staff members to make sure the work gets done. Contact us now to let our team create the event of your dreams!


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